“Joanne is a wise witness, a weaver of magic between the worlds, and a true artist of the deep.” — Layah Singer-Wilson, 5Rhythms Teacher, Toronto ON

Joanne is skilled at grounding, tracking, and transforming the energy of a group. A natural catalyst, she uses evocative music and language, clear intention, good humour – and her spidey-senses – to consistently create a field where energy moves and healing happens. Her teaching is rooted in a lifelong engagement with her own personal work. Joanne continues to deepen and refine her work through ongoing practice with teachers, mentors, and colleagues from a range of modalities and traditions.

“Joanne’s teaching style uniquely combines both gentleness and fire: nurturing us where we’re at while also challenging our growth.”
— Tamara, student

In Victoria, Joanne’s classes and workshops provide a place of nourishment, connection, and steady practice – a local watering-hole – for activists, counselors, parents, healers, gardeners, students, artists, craftspeople, meditators, guides, service-workers, community contributors and soulful seekers of all stripes. She considers it her job, her joy, and her great good fortune to hold space for people whose presence, good work, connection and well-being enlivens and sustains our community.

“Week in, week out, Joanne holds a space for 5Rhythms® with passion, patience, clear intention, great eclectic music, a sense of humour and, above all, deep respect for the transformative nature of this work.”
— JB, student

Trainings, Mentors, and Teachers:

Want to organize a workshop in your community? You can!

To find out more about hosting a workshop – or about mentoring, coaching, and other 1:1 offerings – please email joanne@danceherenow.ca.

Short bio:

Joanne teaches 5Rhythms with a deep respect for the transformational nature of this practice, for the insight that these maps can bring to our daily lives, and for the unique discovery process of each participant. Her teaching is rooted in a lifelong engagement with her own study and personal work. Since 2001, she has held a steady space for the growth and evolution of a robust dance community in Victoria BC, has supported students and colleagues with their own teaching path, and has shared her love of this practice with communities in Canada, the US, and Europe.