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outdoor 5Rhythms workshops

day-long outdoor 5Rhythms® workshops with Joanne Winstanley
FULLNESS ~ Sunday, June 20, 2021 – Salt Spring Island, BC
DISSOLVE ~ Saturday, July 31, 2021 – Mill Bay, BC
TURN ~ Saturday, August 28, 2021 – Salt Spring Island, BC

Live Wire: Wing Span (online)

an online Ritual Theatre Lab 
with Joanne Winstanley and Lorca Simons
Saturday May 22, 2021

“I want to feel that we can touch each other through the screen towards a new kind of intimacy. Listening with the ear of the heart, seeing with the eye of the heart, speaking from the voice of the heart through the screens that we share. Let’s find our way into this landscape of creativity and possibility together.” – Lorca

~ Wing Span ~

An eruption of soul straight from the heart
Fueling the spirit & casting edges wide
The magic of theatre begins here…

Spread your wings, free your mind, expand your imagination, magnify your curiosity, and illuminate your breath in the beat. Awaken and sharpen those places in yourself that need a rewire, recharge, a realigning back to what is most original and true. We will meet you there.

Wing Span is a physically based movement theatre lab. We dance deep. We write, utilising the poetry of the body as our spring board for theatrical expression. We illuminate language, uncover gesture, and free the mind through our 5Rhythms practice. We turn our suffering into art and art into awareness expanding into an ensemble of limitless possibility. An intimate sliver of the poetic landscape at the root and heart of our 5Rhythms practice.

In response to Gabrielle Roth’s investigation into what it means to be an authentic human being, Live Wire 5Rhythms Theatre is dedicated to the creation of physical theatre that is both interactive and transformative. Lorca offers labs rooted in a visionary and rigorous technique for people to become true “athletes of the heart.”

When: Saturday May 22, 2021
10am to 1pm Pacific Standard Time
12pm to 3pm Eastern Standard Time | 6pm to 9pm UK | 7pm to 10pm Europe

Where: Zoom Creative Space

Full Registration $75
Sponsor: $90 – $110
Supported: $60

Limited to 40 participants; pre-registration is required.

To Register: send an e-transfer for your chosen amount to, or email Joanne to arrange for payment.

Prices are in Canadian dollars. If cost is a barrier and you know you want to take part, please be in touch.

A welcome email including Zoom link and password will be emailed to participants one week before the event. Please ensure that we have your best email address, so we can send you the details.

Heart of the Body

with Joanne Winstanley in Edmonton, AB
February 14th to 15th, 2020

The 5Rhythms® is a simple, powerful movement practice which guides us to re-connect with our innate body-knowledge, wellness, and wisdom. This workshop will be both an introduction and a deep dive into Gabrielle Roth’s healing movement work.

Together we will explore, embody, and give form to the strength and intelligence of the heart: the central chambers where blood moves, excitement races, and rhythm runs steady and deep. Moving from our center we may deepen our capacity for presence, find and give shape to our heart's true expression, and reaffirm our connection to the pulse of life.

Times: Friday February 14th, 6:30 to 9:30pm | Saturday February 15th, 11:00am to 5:30pm

Location: Westmount Community Hall, 10978 127 Street NW, Edmonton, AB

Tuition: $145 if paid in full by January 24th | $175 after.


a winter 5Rhythms® Heartbeat series with Joanne Winstanley
Three Saturdays in Victoria BC
November 16th, 2019 · December 21st, 2019 · January 18th, 2020

As winter approaches, our energy begins to draw inwards and we are often called to return to home base, to sit at our own Hearth, and to tend to our inner fire.

This three-part series is an opportunity to stir, explore, and embody the natural movement and intelligence of our hearts – to gather with others in a committed group and to be warmed and enlivened by what we may discover, witness, and share.

In this year’s series, we’ll invite the stillpoint of Solstice to slow us down, drop us deep, and remind us what matters most. By the light of our own true stories, we’ll practice and develop our capacity to witness ourselves and one another through the eyes of the heart.

Through physical investigations, personal inquiry, and the presence of our companions, we will approach our emotions as energy that moves, as a natural part of our human anatomy, and as a potential source of vitality and deep intelligence in each moment.

In the Heartbeat™ map, each of the 5Rhythms becomes a gateway to our essential emotions: Flowing / Fear, Staccato / Anger, Chaos / Sadness, Lyrical / Joy, and Stillness / Compassion.

Pre-requisite: 15 hours of 5Rhythms “Waves” instruction.

Workshop Hours: 11am to 5pm
Dates: November 16th | December 21st | January 18th
Location: Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street, Victoria, BC

$275 if paid in full by November 1st
$295 if paid in full by November 16th
$325 if paid in 2 installments ($175 by November 1st | $150 by December 21st)

To Register:
Please send your e-transfer to, or your cheque, made out to Joanne Winstanley, to 142 Moss Street, Victoria, V8V 4M3, or register by PayPal below.


with Joanne Winstanley
November 1st to 2nd, 2019
in Edmonton, AB

* enliven your body * move in community * discover and dance to the beat of your own drum *

The 5Rhythms® is a simple, powerful movement practice which guides us to re-connect with our innate body-knowledge, wellness, and wisdom. This workshop will be both an introduction and a deep dive into Gabrielle Roth’s healing movement work.

Workshop Hours:
Friday November 1st – 6:30 to 9:30pm
Saturday November 2nd – 11:00am to 5:00pm

Location: Westmount Community Hall, 10978 127 St NW, Edmonton, AB
Tuition: $135 if paid by October 1st  |  $160 after
Contact: Michelle Whitehead  |  780.803.5243  |

To Register: please send your e-transfer to, or contact Michelle if you wish to pay by cheque. To pay by credit card, please contact Michelle or use the PayPal link below.

Joanne teaches 5Rhythms (Waves and Heartbeat levels) with a deep respect for the transformational nature of this practice, and for the unique discovery practice of each participant. Her teaching is rooted in a lifelong engagement with her own personal work. Since 2001, she has held a steady space for the growth and evolution of a robust dance community in Victoria, BC, and has shared her love of this practice with students across North America.

God, Sex & the Body

with Alex MacKay
August 15th to 18th, 2019
Victoria, BC

"God, Sex and the Body is and always will be a profound and integral part of the 5Rhythms® curriculum. It has personally informed my way of being, my teaching style, and, most deeply, my acceptance of who I am and who I am not." 
— Gabrielle Roth

In the series of maps that comprise the dancing path of the 5Rhythms®, God, Sex and the Body is an initiation into being an embodied soul. It is a deeply personal journey, a celebration like no other, a ritual for the hot and holy you. 

This journey is a call to stretch our imaginations with a long forgotten innocence and move through a spectrum of feminine and masculine archetypes, to dress up these characters in ritual theater, get inside them and give them expression. No one else can be a man or woman exactly like you. No one else can embody your soul, or project your magic or have your specific curiosity. Part lover, part artist, part god, we were born to rock the world and feel our way into each other’s hearts. 

Grounded in the 5Rhythms Movement practice, this experience can liberate and inspire us to emerge a bit more fascinated with each other and the mystery of it all.

Pre-requisite: 15 hours of 5Rhythms “Waves” instruction.

Dates: August 15 to 18, 2019

Workshop Hours: 
Thursday: 12 to 7pm
Friday: 12 to 7pm
Saturday: 11 to 5pm and 8:30pm to 12am party
Sunday: 11 to 5pm

Location: Polish White Eagle Hall, 90 Dock Street, Victoria, BC

$495 paid by July 1st 
$525 with $30 scholarship donation (towards another dancer's tuition)
$560 after July 1st
$590 with $30 scholarship donation (towards another dancer’s tuition)

To Register: please send your e-transfer to, or mail your cheque, made out to Joanne Winstanley, to 142 Moss Street, Victoria BC, V8V 4M3. To pay by credit card, please use the PayPal links below.

Alex MacKay has been teaching 5Rhythms for over 20 years, beginning in Manchester and Liverpool, and now offers workshops internationally. She loves travelling to different tribes and dance floors and returning home to beautiful West Wales.

“Offering these archetypal maps of God, Sex and the Body feels exactly right for me – I can honour Gabrielle Roth’s maps and be myself: delicate and deep, clear and playful, creating a safe space to be daring.

“I want it all – no divide between spirit and flesh, between the masculine and feminine within... the lover to feel desire and find beauty in many moments, the seeker to naturally connect to inspiration and devotion, the artist to design and take care of a life full of these riches.

“I am delighted at the surprise invitation to Vancouver Island this summer, feeling the call of ravens and the full moon, summer grasses and blackberries... such abundance around us as we connect with the archetypal and mysterious realms.”

— Alex MacKay

$582 ($560 + PayPal fee) – Workshop tuition
$613 ($590 + PayPal fee)  – Workshop tuition with scholarship donation

15th Annual Tribal Gathering of Dancers

July 19th to 21st, 2019
Madrona MindBody Institute
Port Townsend, WA

Set right in the heart of summer, the weekend features six amazing movement teachers, each with a unique offering on our shared theme, Resilience. With a focus on nurturing embodied presence, we will explore taking shape and letting go, and movement as a transformative tool to actualize new ways of being in which we thrive.

Our Tribal Gathering is composed of dancers from around the world and a fabulous catered celebratory dinner together. Join new friends and old, for a remarkable weekend of movement and discovery.

US$205 Early bird* / US$235 after June 9, 2019
*To receive Early bird rate, payment in full must be completed by June 9, 2019

Friday July 19th: 7pm to 9pm
Saturday July 20th: 10am to 5pm followed by catered dinner party
Sunday July 29th: 10am to 3:15pm

For production information, please contact Ronny, or, to register, click here.

Live Wire

with Lorca Simons and Joanne Winstanley
June 7th to 9th, 2019
Seattle, WA

For production information, please contact Kellie,
or, to register, click here.

Live Wire is a movement based theatre lab, a dynamic, raw, experimental base where anything can happen. A poetic landscape that is at the root and heart of our 5Rhythms practice.

Tuning into the artistic nature of our practice invites our dance to new depths of discovery, unlocking the stories our bodies are longing to tell, further articulating the threads of your life.

In this laboratory we illuminate language, uncover gesture and free the mind through our theatrical investigation. A ‘plug-in' to creative action, an opportunity to reawakening and sharpen those places in ourselves that need realigning or perhaps rewiring back to what’s most original and true. A soulful surrender.

“Delivering one's self back to the artistic nature of the body. Sculpting spirit into shape, writing soul into story, dancing mind into the wind and tracing the heart home.” 
— Lorca

*Live Wire: Soul Threading is a ritual theatre lab and part of the Live Wire series created by Lorca Simons.

Threshold – Stowel Lake Farm Retreat

with Joanne Winstanley and Bettina Rothe
August 30 to September 2, 2018
Salt Spring Island, BC

A threshold is a place of potential; a delineation between one set of conditions and another. A place to gather resources. A cusp or an edge we may not have approached, or crossed over, until now.

As we move through time, we may find that each moment or new season requires something different from us. Even in times of relative stability, the world is poised to offer surprises. As citizens of a changing world, we may find ourselves being called to ‘step up,’ change course, learn new skills and perspectives, or take creative action that we haven’t taken before.

In this year’s retreat we’ll engage with the 5Rhythms® movement practice, ritual, and meditation to investigate this place of potential. We’ll explore where we may be ready to step beyond our own edges and we’ll practice moving, with purpose and presence, from awareness into action.

Supported by the land, guided by the 5Rhythms maps (Waves and Heartbeat) and accompanied by a committed group of dancers, we’ll gather and embody the resources we need to step into the fall.

Previous 5Rhythms® experience is recommended, but not required. If you are tracking hours for the 5Rhythms® teacher path, this retreat counts for 1 day of Heartbeat and 2.5 days of Waves practice.

All rates include tuition for the workshop, 3 nights of accommodation, and 9 locally grown organic meals. Vegetables grown on the farm are used whenever possible, and meals are vegetarian with the exception of a salmon dinner on Friday evening. The workshop starts with dinner on Thursday evening, and completes on Sunday afternoon at 4:30 PM.

Rooms are assigned on a first come, first served basis. We do recommend signing up early – this popular annual retreat fills up fast!

Early bird prices are in effect until July 31, 2018:

  • Private room: $965/ $920 before July 31
  • Shared room: $830/ $785
  • Camping: $710/ $665
  • Commuter (off-site accommodation): $630/ $585

To register, please follow the link to the registration page.

To join the Facebook event (for rideshares, announcements, etc), click here.

Cancellation Policy:

  • All cancellations will incur a $50 administration fee.
  • Cancellations after August 15th will receive a 50% refund.
  • Because this is a residential workshop with individualized meal and accommodation planning, no refunds can be issued for cancellations after August 28th.

Heart of Gold – a 5Rhythms Heartbeat workshop with Joanne Winstanley

with live music by Zach Sukuweh
March 16th to 18th, 2018
Vancouver, BC

We can’t control the circumstances of our birth – or the challenges and gifts Life presents to us – but we can turn towards these gifts and challenges with the intention of doing our own work, meeting Life as it is, and strengthening and purifying our heart.

In this workshop we will engage with the wisdom, subtlety, and vitality of the heart through a process of transmutation: using the 5Rhythms® maps (Waves and Heartbeat) as a container and our instinct as our guide, we will shine light into dusty corners, turn over the rich muck of unexpressed emotion, tend to our tender places, and welcome the glint of buried treasures too.

Together, and with a gentle touch, we will apply ourselves to the work of refining our own raw materials – spinning the straw of apparent misfortune into art, embodiment, and maybe even gold. 

Session Times:
Friday March 16 – 6:30 to 9:30pm
Saturday  March 17 – 11:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday March 18 – 11:00am to 5:00pm

Location: Lochdale Community Hall, 490 Sperling Avenue, Burnaby, BC

Cost: $235 | $210 early bird (paid in full by February 23rd) | $265 with scholarship contribution

Contact: Marcia Wakarchuk Jones | 778-232-8388 |

For information such as payment options, cancellation policy, carpooling, and directions to the venue, please visit the registration page.

To join the Facebook event (a great place to arrange carpooling), click here.

If you have any questions you would like to discuss in person, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Since 2001, Joanne Winstanley has held a steady space for the growth and evolution of a robust 5Rhythms community in Victoria BC, and has shared her love of this practice with students throughout the region. She approaches this work with a deep respect for its alchemical nature, and for the unique discovery process of each participant.  

The 5Rhythms® is a powerful movement practice that guides participants to re-connect with their own innate body-knowledge, wellness, and wisdom. In the Heartbeat™ map, each of the 5Rhythms becomes a gateway to our essential emotions: Flowing/ Fear, Staccato/ Anger, Chaos/ Sadness, Lyrical/ Joy, and Stillness/ Compassion.

This workshop fulfills 2 1/2 days’ credit as a Heartbeat prerequisite for Cycles and other advanced 5Rhythms workshops.